Be Mindful

Do a background check on the company and check the website before going for an interview. Do not submit an advance payment for an application or go to a remote or unfamiliar location for an interview. Do not pass personal information such as bank account numbers or copies of ID cards.


As a buyer, make sure the good or service you want to pay for meets your expectations before paying for it.

As a seller, make sure you offer only quality goods and services that will bring honour and respect to your name.

Dubious Schemes

Be mindful of schemes that are too good to be true. Don’t be too eager to jump at offers or deals.


Never give out any of your financial information. Such as your bank account details, BVN or any other information that can be misused.


Emarket will not ask you to pay a fee before you’re able to post an ad on the website.

As time go by, sellers will have the chance to promote their ads. However, posting of ads is free of charge.

Report anyone who comes to you in the name of Emarket asking for payment before you can post an ad.

To make a report or an inquiry, contact us at